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Veggie Cubes

Are you like me and hate throwing away food?

A couple of years ago I started taking my veggies (and fruits) that were on the verge of tossing and I’d make ice cubes or freeze them for soups, smoothies, or cooking.

Things like onions or peppers, I will cut up, bag, and freeze.

Green beans - after they are washed, trim the ends, bag, and freeze.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus are washed and cut before bagging to freeze.

Blueberries are measured 1 cup per bag.

Apples and oranges get used in my Pure Juicer.

We have barely any product waste now!

For the greens, it’s pretty simple, the only thing you need are some old green veggies, a blender, and some water.

  • Take your spinach or lettuce or whatever you have.

  • Dump it all in the blender, add a little water (I use coconut water)

  • Liquify all the ingredients

  • Pour into ice cube trays

  • I store the cubes in a zip-top bag or freezer container just to not have the trays taking up space in the freezer

For the people out there that have a juicer, you can also do this with the batch of juice you are making. Pour some of the finished liquid into the ice cube trays, freeze them, and save them for the smoothies instead of an actual water ice cube.

I have a Pure Juicer and a vacuum sealer machine I use for long-term storage.

For short-term storage and cost-saving, I just use zip-top bags or freezer-safe containers.

I’d love to hear some ways other you use your old product so it’s not wasted.

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