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Hello! I'm Yvette!

Thanks for stopping. I’m here to help empower you to live your best, joyful life. I have a variety of real-life stories, products, and items that have helped countless other people.


The journey started many years ago with just being open to new information. Information that was not the ‘norm’ but with the years of ongoing struggles for myself and my son, I just knew there had to be something else for my family that could help. 


A few years ago, I took a scary step and just walked away from my secure legal assistant office job to work from home. Lots of people thought I had lost my mind but I was battling some ‘unknown’ health issues. I was on seven prescriptions, feeling worse each day, with no answers, just more questions.


I was scared. I lived every day based on fear. Fear of everything, everyone, of the unknown, and scared my son wouldn’t have a mother anymore if I didn’t figure out what was going on. I needed less stress, more freedom, and more flexibility in my schedule.


Doing things my way, it took just a few months, I was off all six of my prescriptions and feeling like a new person. The learning and growing have not stopped. I continue to educate myself on all things health and wellness-related.

Full Story: "Labels Don't Define You"

My promise to you!

No two people are the same, that's why I am inspired by a person-centered approach. Everyone should have the vitality they dream of.


I am fascinated by holistic wellness, truly believe a body can heal, and a person can gain health through natural ways. I strive for my family to be healthy with as few chemicals and pharmaceuticals as possible. I wish the same for you and can help you.

Looking back over my life, there are too many personal experiences and challenges to draw from. This has gifted me knowledge and perspective. It's been everything from amazing to rock bottom - financially, emotionally, and mentally. I know the internal struggles of being scared, hurt, frustrated, lost, or feeling alone. To feel like no one understands or everyone is against you or like you can never do anything right.


I'm here to help you through, you are not alone.


The journey I’ve traveled has led to much self-reflection and deep healing. No matter what has happened in my life, tomorrow is a new day and another day to be grateful and to make new choices, learn, be healthy, and grow.

Peace and Blessing


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