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Is CBD really that worth it?

Updated: May 22

CBD - the letters are everywhere. It's impossible to go anywhere and not see something about CBD. For me - turns out I was clueless when it came to cannabis.

The Journey

Growing up my mom taught us about chakras, healing touch, Ayurveda medicine, essential oils, organic farming, food sourcing, etc. I lost that focus in my twenties and as I got to my mid-30s, I was able to find my way back.

We started seeing a chiropractor more regularly. I joined an essential oil company and learned more about essential oils. I eliminated toxins by changing where I shopped. I continue to love to learn and seek out more natural and holistic ways. Even over the last few years, I have switched out more and more things. I added books and podcasts that were uplifting and thought-provoking. I started to ask questions.

My husband has Cystic Fibrosis. For his lifetime, he has struggled with the common symptoms that accompany CF and add in the wear and tear on one's body from a career in construction, and some days he is not feeling in tip-top shape.

He had looked into medical marijuana but it was not available.

The Revelation

In June of 2018, we took my son to the West Coast for his graduation present. My husband wanted to check out the real deal edibles in the shops on Venice Beach.

Whoa, did I get a lesson in cannabis. I was totally clueless!! I had no idea there were two strains of cannabis. The guy in the shop was super cool and very patient. Hubby got some gummies and I got some CBD chocolate nuggets.

The next day was massive tourism in Hollywood and LA. I ate one chocolate and felt pretty relaxed. No foot or back pain either. I gave one to my son. He did not have any sensory issues all day, not the sun, heat, people, activities, waiting, ... nothing. We ended up at Pacific Park and it was late. His medicine was all worn off. He was starting to get anxious with all the people, lines, sounds, and lights. I gave him another nugget. You could actually see his body relax. This was like some magic chocolate.

Between the three of us, our list of ailments is unfortunately very long. I had to know more. What was this CBD??!

To say my skepticism was high, would be a horrific understatement. So I started researching.

I’m a thinker and need to know what I’m getting into. I discovered there were a lot of choices. What was the difference? Where do you start? I acted like I was in the grocery store and I started reading labels. Was I shocked to see some of the ingredients. Wasn't this a plant and suppose to be pure? Why add all that garbage in. I learned not all oil is created equal.

I took about 30 narrowed it down to 15 then 10 then 5. Ingredients, location, farming, owners, philosophy, percentages, testing were all factors in my decision. If I had to call a company for testing, you're gone. If I had to google what an ingredient was, bye-bye. I learned about extraction methods. I learned most CBD oils have MCT oil as the carrier. I love my bulletproof coffee but I know the oil is heated to make it stay liquefied. I wanted as close to the plant as possible.

I ended up on three companies and I was having a hard time between them. It literally came down to the ingredients. Pressed hemp seed oil and CBD-rich whole hemp extract. The plant, no fillers. Organic farming, tons of readily available third-party testing. Boom. Done. Ordered. It was September 2018.

We got our first bottle of hemp-derived CBD oil. Honestly, I was still skeptical. I’ve struggled for way too many years with feeling anxious. I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep. Add in headaches, hip and other pains, joint pain from old injuries, and hormone issues. Needless to say, most days I was not feeling like I’m living my best life. How could this stuff possibly help?

The first thing I noticed was that I was falling asleep instead of lying there thinking. I also felt less nervous while taken it. I even took a dose before heading down the aisle on our wedding day in October 2018. My son took a dose before work one day and noticed how calm and focused he felt. My husband was using it the most frequently.

I was not consistent until about February 2019, when I started taking it every day. I noticed feeling calmer and more focused, I have more energy, I feel less pain in my hips, and have less pressure in my head. This has all been happening progressively since I have been taking it consistently.

For me, I'm officially doctor-approved off of my pills: one pill to fall asleep; one pill for feelings of nervousness and anxiousness; and four different pills for hormone regulation. That is six different prescriptions. My husband is off his pill for anxious feelings and is only taking the medications he needs for daily maintenance. He has felt a difference in his respiratory function, he is not sick nearly so often, he has noticed his chronic discomfort is much better, and he sleeps quietly at night. My son is working on his medications for his multitude of special needs. He reports feeling calmer and sleeping all night. Our 12-year-old kitty also takes it every day. He is jumping better and a cyst in his ear is nearly disappeared.

We were so impressed with the products and the company, in March we decided to join as affiliates. We spread the word about what his product has done for us. We have tried some of the other products and the nutritional sprays. We are continually blown away by the results. Every day we are feeling better and better. I get testimonials from people who have tried it, their quality of life is improving. This is a daily supplement we will not go without. In October 2019, over a dozen new products are being launched.

I have since learned a ton about the oils and how our bodies are made for CBD hemp oil for optimal health. I got connected to an amazing group that is overloaded with information and daily testimonials. I love what I’m learning and how it has helped me and my family personally.

Back to my original question, Is CBD worth it? Definitely yes it has been for us.

If you’d like to know more about how this can help your family or how you can have some extra income, let me know, I’m happy to share our Facebook testimonial groups, and get you in touch with more information.

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